Emmett Potter lives and works in Tempe Arizona and shares a studio space with his wife, artist Kristin Bauer.

My artwork is informed by and oftentimes constructed with appropriated mid 20th century comic graphics, advertisements, found objects and photography. I view my works as handmade ready-mades, as the process by which I adapt and collage pop culture icons or sculptural objects evokes and awakens Western cultural myths that are already embedded into us.  Through this methodology I engage with Jungian archetypes and allegorical imagery found in commercial memorabilia and use it to create a cyclical pseudo-mirror that reflects back to us that which we are already programmed to know.  Specifically in my paintings, large blocks of candy colors replace details of characterization and scenes that are so familiar the identity and narrative specifics are irrelevant.  The generalization of the imagery becomes a tableau for viewers’ interjection.

“Myth is the natural and indispensable intermediate stage between unconscious and conscious cognition” -  Carl Jung